Favourite Music Video

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor

My chosen video for this has to be ‘Snuff’ by Slipknot. There are a few main reasons why I love this music video. The main one being that it differs from the conventional Slipknot music video style. This video is very heavy on complex narrative and metaphorical meaning. It can be interpreted to be a metaphor of the band’s style of music and approach to fame and the industry itself. The narrative in the video relates well to the lyrics of the song. The song tackles the issues of a relationship break down and the emotions we’re confronted with when that happens. However, the video takes a more psychological approach to how destructive love can be to a life. The main character in the video, that Corey (the lead singer of the band) plays, is shown to be greatly affected by the abandonment of his previous lover, to the point where he feels the need to become her, by cross dressing, in order to feel she is still present in his life. This seems a little extreme when the video is looked at as a mere narrative to match the lyrics. It is speculated by a few fans that the video could be a metaphor for the struggle musician’s face when they’re boosted to global popularity and fame. The woman being a representation of ‘public’ face the band have and the main character Corey plays being the inside ‘private’ lives, the break-up of the couple being a representation to the split that both aspects of their lives face when confronted with this fame and how heart-breaking this is to go through it, behind the photo-shoots and album promotions.

The style is different to most Slipknot videos in two outstanding ways. In this video Corey Taylor is unmasked. Slipknot are renowned for wearing masks in their music videos as well as live on stage. Although in ‘Snuff’ Corey appears ‘unmasked’ for the whole video, which gives the video a more personal, emotional and intimate feel as well as shocking the audience a little. This approach was used to an extent in the music video to ‘Before I Forget’ where all band members were unmasked in the video, but their faces barely shown. Instead extreme close up of facial features such as eyes and lips were used. The star image in this video is again subverted to show an alternative image to the audience, in order to make the message of the video carry more weight in its impact upon viewers. I also believe this break in the convention makes the product more marketable and more appealing to the audience to buy because of its rarity. In ‘Snuff’ there is a main character and a very strong narrative, this isn’t always a convention in Slipknot videos, even if it has been done with songs like ‘Vermillion’, it’s most unusual especially in terms of one of the band members being this main character. This again makes it more appealing. The subversion of the star image and the possible metaphor within the video makes the band appear more human, and therefore means the audience can relate to the video and the artists better.

Finally I believe the video is enjoyable and effective because the strong intense feelings captured throughout it are relatable in a contemporary everyday sense, as relationships and heartbreak are something that have effected everyone in unique and hard hitting ways. It also amplifies the energy and effort that each one of us puts into relationships and how this can really impact on us when it backfires. I also believe it is effective due to the controversial nature of the video, the cross dressing featured is something that not only creates a very strong metaphorical image in the representation of different personalities and faces needed when dealing with fame, but also impacts a contemporary audience hard. This is because cross-dressing although widely tolerated is still a controversial subject, and when confronted with it there will be those who support it and those who oppose it. All in all I believe this music video is effective because it appeals to the audience on an emotional, intellectual and relatable level, ticking every box when it comes to what I, myself, admire in a music video. This is a music video that makes you think in order to understand it’s duel content.


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