Audience Response

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Audience Research and Response:

1)      Is Music a Primary or Secondary Interest of Yours?

Primary: 13  Secondary: 1

As the results of my questionnaire shown here, music is now at the front of most people’s lives as they have classed it as a primary interest of theirs. The involvement of Web 2.0 has increased this as fans can now relate and even converse with some artists over the likes of twitter, tumblr and Facebook. For me personally when I join my group I will want to stress the importance of fully marketing our created star seriously, as it is vital that it’s done right or the artist won’t sell. Even bands that are novelty in nature, the likes of Steel Panther etc are marketed seriously in order to gain fans and this question shows people are serious about music.


2)      Do You Keep Up-to Date With Your Favourite Artists Over Social Networking Sites?

Yes: 9   No: 5

Here I wanted to explore just how many people out of those I questioned actually used Web 2.0 and interactivity to keep up with their favourite artists. I asked it to see if it would be needed that we create a twitter name, etc, and possibly come up with a fan base name for our star. Since the result has come out positive, it’s probably best for us to do this, in order to employ the marketing strategies and personality of our star, but it isn’t necessary shown by the variation of only 4 answers between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ .

3)      Do You Feel a Stars Image is Something That Attracts You to A Star?

Yes: 9 No: 5

Here I wanted to see if Star Image actually had anything to do with the popularity of a star, and just how highly fans rated a stars image in their dislike or like of an artist. As the ratio is higher, leaning more to higher, it would make sense to have a deliberate and established genre and star image for our artist, so fans would be more attracted to their music and endorse them financially.

4)      Do You Feel Your Favourite Artist Has to be Up-to Date with the Latest Fashion?

Yes: 0  No: 14

With this question, I wanted to see that, if like movie stars, music artists had to conform to fashionable styles in order to attract fans to their music. In a way it was a strategy employed to see how exactly I needed to go about star image when I got into a group. Would I need to keep the star image ‘mainstream’ or could we make the artist, unique, quirky or individual, or even eccentric.

5)      Do You Feel Your Favourite Artist Should Have Their Own Non-Manufactured Style?

Yes: 9 No: 5

Here is the opposite question to the one above, to see if a non-manufactured style, so the likes of maybe a personality within star image, would be more appealing to fans of the music, as music is an expression of self, should a star image be an expression of self? As the ratio is nine to five, more fans lean towards liking personality with the star image, so when I get into my group I will stress the importance of the element of realism and approach-ability in the star image.

6) Are You Interested In Cult Fandom?

Yes: 11   No: 3

Here I wanted to see how many cult fandom fans there were that I knew, so this would be fans of the likes of One Direction, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson etc., and the ratio was quite high. This isn’t surprising; as all of those musicians have fans everywhere due to the great publicity and controversy their star image brings them. I asked this because I’m interested in creating a cult fandom star, and would like to bring the idea to the group, so in order to have evidence that this idea could work I asked the question of whether or not people are interested in it.

7)      What Basic Genre of Music Do You Like?

Rock: 6  Pop: 2  Rap: 0 Indie: 4 RnB: 0 Metal: 1 Classical:  0 Electro/Dubstep: 1


This is only a small statistic, yet out of the result the prevailing genre was Rock. I asked this question to identify what would be the best genre to explore with our artist, because the genre would eventually influence the star image.  I will bring these statistics to the group, but it won’t be definite dependent on other people’s results in the group.

8)      Do You Have an Interest in the Music Video?

Yes: 14  No:  0

I asked this question as a basis for how important the music video is to the music fans. Obviously from this result the music video is very important to fans and therefore needs to be done perfectly, in a way that is interesting, stimulating and unique to the star and the star’s image because other answers to questions here show that star image is also very valuable.

9)      What Do You Expect From a Successful Music Video?

Clear Narrative:  9 Innovation/Experimental: 3  Good Visual Effects: 2  


This question was asked as a guide to help me determine what is the most important aspect to focus on, when the group is creating the music video. Due to the results, a clear narrative to the video is imperative, so I will bring this result forward to the group when we’re in the devising stage, as the other two options in the results did poorly in comparison to the amount of people who were interested in the clear narrative.

10)      Do You Feel the Video Should Match up with the Lyrics of the Song?

Yes: 8  No: 6

Seeing as a clear narrative is extremely important to the audience, this question in light of the results offers a mixed perspective on the video. As the ratio is eight to six, the video doesn’t have to completely narrate what the song is touching upon in its meaning to be successful. This offers the group a chance to be imaginative and only amplify what the song is loosely about in the video if this interpretation offers a clear narrative and an interesting take on the song because according to my results it should still be popular to the audience.

11)   Who is your favourite Solo Artist/Band?

Ed Sheeran, Enter Shikari,  Billy Talent, Blink 182, Ben Howard x2 , Parkway Drive, Florence and the Machine, Tennis, Lady GaGa x2 Marilyn Manson, The Used

This, like the music genre question, was asked so that I could get a feel for the most popular music genre at the moment. Again the results vary more towards Rock, and again this result isn’t set in stone, it can be changed depending on what the group want to focus on and their own set of results. Below I collated the bands in terms of their genre to properly illustrate this:


12)   Do You Read About Your Favourite Artist?

Yes: 12   No: 2

This question was aimed at the Album Advert aspect, I wanted to see how important it was to fans that they read about artists in magazine, or even read music magazines in general. As the results show it is again important to consider the album advert seriously, and to spend equal amounts of time designing it as it will reach fans and be a crucial marketing tool. Even if magazines are getting more and more outdated due to Web 2.0, it still appears like a magazine advert would be successful.

13)   Do You Feel You Should be Able to Relate to Your Favourite Artist?

Yes: 8   No:  6

Here is a mixed result; I asked this to see if a ‘real’ artist would be appealing, again another guider to the creation of star image. Since it’s mixed however, our group’s star image doesn’t have to be real or gritty, it could be a little more high maintenance or a little more alien from what we’re used to seeing every day.

14)   Do you own iTunes or an iPod?

Yes: 14   No: 0

This question was asked just to get a feel for how many people were invested within the music industry and owned a personal music player, or at least had something to do with the apple side of the music playback industry. Everyone does, which again cements that it is a task to be taken seriously as there wasn’t a single person in the set of people I questioned who wasn’t fond of music or interested in their own music taste.

15)   What Do You Feel Are Your Expectations of an Artist?

Original: 10  Talented: 4

This was asked as a general guide line of what the star’s music should be, should it be music that’s genuinely talented, or should it be a star that is more star image than music focused. This result surprised me as ‘Original’ which stood for the star image aspect, was answered more than the ‘talent’ which was a symbol for the music. This result again emphasizes the importance of star image in the popularity of an artist, and I will bring this to my group.

16)   Do You Wear Band/Artist Merchandise?

Yes: 10   No: 4


This question was asked so that the group would know whether or not they would have to design the name of the band or the artist in a particular way so that it would have to be reproducible and attractive on things like, wrist-bands, hoodies, t-shirts, and bags etc. As nearly everyone answered that they do wear artist merchandise this will have to be taken into consideration when designing the star and the star’s name.

17)   Do You Feel the Artist’s Image Should Feature on a Digipak?

Yes: 7    No: 7


This question was asked so that I’d have some directional input when it came to designing the covers and the inside of the Digipak, considering the results are actually even, something that surprised me, I can take these results to the group and argue that the Digipak could be all designed, or have detatched design elements that don’t feature the star’s image. This gives the group more leeway creatively when designing.

18)   Do You Feel a Band/Artist Should Have a Logo?

Yes: 9  No: 5


Again this question helps with all aspects of the task we have to do. If the band/artist is seen as having to have a logo, which it is, this logo needs to be designed and put on everything we make, and may even star in the video at the end or beginning. I will put this result forward to my group and see whether it’s important based on this, that our artist have a logo, and whether or not it is achievable.

19)   Do You Feel the ‘Male Gaze’ Theory is Featured in Most Music Videos?

Yes: 9  No: 5

This question was asked because I wanted to make a video that involved the ‘Male Gaze’ theory. However first I wanted to see if people thought I was making a valid point by saying in most popular music videos, it is featured. They agreed that the ‘Male Gaze’ theory is plausible and to them it exists in popular videos. I will take this result forward and discuss my idea with the group, with this as the evidence for my point.


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