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Band Name: After thinking up name ideas, we couldn’t come up with anything useful ourselves, so we decided to go down track lists in our phones and iPods and find names of songs that would also double as attractive band names of the rock/metal genre. In the end we ended up with a list of twelve names, the ones I liked the best were:

  • West Bound and Down
  • Cowboys from Hell
  • Carrion
  • Home is for the Heartless
  • All Around Me
  • Breathe Today

However the group all decided upon the name Carrion.

Band Image and Representation: After careful consideration of what type of rock group we wanted, we decided to go for the classic rock stereotype, that merges with the contemporary rock/metal conventions, to avoid preach-iness and possible pitfalls in our videos that could make it unsuccessful. Our main points for the bands image were:

  • Rebellious
  • Anti-establishment
  • Anti-authority
  • Classical rock star image

Band History and Career:

After discussing different bands and how they got famous, we decided it would make more sense for our band to get ‘big’ if the lead singer was from another band originally that took time to become professional. Here are the main points to the background of Carrion.

  • Album was made as a huge debut release
  • Lead singer was in a previous band ‘Cowboys From Hell’ but then split through creative differences.
  • Then created Carrion, which is why they got so ‘big’ so fast.
  • Real life inspiration for this ‘Falling in Reverse’

Style of promotional material and branding:

We’ve decided that the band would stick to normal rock/metal conventions, throughout all ages of the genre, to attract its fan base, and with those conventions we made a list of how we would advertise the band. These points are still under-developed as they are in the initial design stage.

  • Darker colours, the use of dark vermillion reds, blacks, dark greens.
  • Promotional logo of the album could be the dead raven.
  • Album name is, The Wicked End, to connote darker days, typical of the genre.
  • If the dead raven is used as the main brand image it reflects the band’s name; it also reflects the messages and ideas that run throughout the album.
  • Dead raven could appear on merchandise for fans and all promotional material
  • Their star image is important because they want to emphasise their classic rock roots but maintain the metal genre and persona of contemporary rock/metal.


With the band’s persona we decided to do the music video to Nightmare – Avenged Sevenfold.

Music Video Ideas:

As a group we decided we wanted to play with the title of the song, ‘Nightmare’, we have moved entirely away from Avenged Sevenfold’s original ideas behind their video. Their music video to the song is embedded in this blog so you can understand why we have gone with the theme of nightmares and fears, as they strictly when with the idea of one nightmare involving a mental asylum.

Some of our initial ideas consisted of, fears being confronted, the band in a hotel room celebrating after a gig, women that turn into zombies, the grim reaper, a vampire etc. that chase the band members, and how that these creatures the women turn into are in fact the band’s worst nightmares. We also wanted to include the male gaze theory in the video to stick with the conventions of the music video as a media product.

Target Audience:

  • Target audience are Rock/Metal fans
  • Appeal to this audience will be achieved by violent/gory/weird videos that have an element of the experimental
  • ‘Male Gaze’ theory throughout the video
  • Appeal to the audience as well through their star image of the stereotypical rock band, this will be explored more in the photo-shoot

Related Artists:

  • Stone Sour
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Black Tide
  • The Used
  • Papa Roach
  • Rise to Remain
  • Killswitchengage
  • Guns ‘n’ Roses
  • Iron Maiden
  • Suicide Silence

Stone Sour

Papa Roach

Guns ‘n’ Roses

Avenged Sevenfold


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