Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

When it came to casting our music video, we were mostly concerned about two things:

  • That everyone had to be free to film at the right time
  • That those cast as the band had to play a musical instrument, and be able to pretend to play the song during the live performance section

We managed, luckily,  through connections, to get people to play the characters of the band members  that could actually play musical instruments and were all free Tuesday afternoons to film with us. Seeing as this fit the filming schedule perfectly we asked them all. However, we had issues with getting a fifth member  We had originally planned to have five members in the band, however we only had four people free on a Tuesday that could play musical instruments, and were lost to find another person to cast as him. Then one of the girls we had as the fifth girl couldn’t make it on Tuesdays  so we were left with one easier option. That was to cut them both out of the video, this meant that we had to get rid of a fear, and we decided to erase the spider girl from the storyboard as her make-up and costume was expensive and quite hard to achieve, as well as the singer. Instead we chose to cast one of the guitarists as the vocalist. After discussion though we decided this change to image was actually a good thing as it differed from the original band.

All of our actors suited the ‘metal/rock’ style genre with their dress sense, hair cuts, piercings and ear expanders, we also felt that they could pass for actual band members. A part of the original star image we used was the incorporation of aviator sun glasses into the Live Performance sequence and we need to find a band member that would suit the glasses in order for the sequence to look good. In the end we chose the vocalist, and kept in keeping with the bands existing star image as inspiration, we also decided that live performance was easier to do with only one guitarist, so that the vocalist could move his hands and perform more to the camera.

In the end the casting for the video went:

Karl Simmonds: Guitarist

Alex Davis: Vocalist

Bradley Allen: Bassist

Tom Mullock: Drummer

Rhian Kelly: Zombie

Louise Davies: Vampire

Laura Jenkins: Possessed Demon

Jayde Martin: Grim Reaper


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