Costume, Make-up and Hair

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After watching the influential music videos and discussing certain aspects of a music video, we decided that we wanted to involve the women starring in scanty clothes that were quite revealing. Obviously for the project skirts, short shorts and short dresses would be worn, and with this in mind we designed our costumes mainly around the idea of short hems and a low cleavage line, this is so that not only does it conform to the style and genre of the band we have chosen, but includes theories like the ‘Male Gaze’ and alludes to the ideas of ‘visual pleasures’ in the videos as the part of the video follows each woman as she evolves into the male’s idea of a nightmare. However, we wanted to keep the dignity of the girls and focused more on turning the costume in a more fancy dress/halloween type style.

The costume for the zombie would most likely involve the use of a corset, linking to the corset dress styles of halloween wear, a piece of clothing linked to all creatures due to this. It would also have shorts or a skirt with tights (most likely fishnets to stick with the convention and the examples seen in ‘Bat Country’ and ‘The Beast and the Harlot’) and high heels. There would be the zombie make-up to make the face look decaying and fake blood may be used around the mouth and hairline to imply that she is dead. The hair will be back combed to show that she is messy and connote a scariness in the fact that nearly all of her appearance has changed.

Corset Dress

However, the skirt like feature shown in all examples wouldn’t be attached, there would be short shorts/pants used with tights or a short mini skirt for all costumes. The hair shown would be the look we’re all going for with wild hair that looks intensely volumized.

Here is an example of the make-up:

We’d use an eye shadow palette and face paint to achieve this, although obtaining fake blood is proving to be difficult at the moment.

Zombie Make-Up, mainly to show the bruised/pale skin beneath the fake blood

Corset Dress to show Corset designs

Vampire Make-Up

Grim Reaper Corset and Cape

The costume for the Vampire would include fake teeth, that are pointy to mainly emphasize the change with darker eyeliner, a paler face, and fake blood from the corners of her mouth. The hair will be back combed as well to connote that her whole appearance has changed, her costume will again consist of a corset (to connect all girls together visually and to keep with the Halloween fancy dress style) and a miniskirt or short shorts with tights and high heels. It is only really the hair and make-up that changes when the girls transform, their base costume stays the same as they are seen to change in the video from street clothes which will be just normal jeans/leggings/everyday fashion.

The Grim Reaper will have a corset again like the others to show the Halloween costume feel, short shorts, tights and high heels, however when she transforms a cloak will be added to make her symbolize the grim reaper more, with skull face paint on. Her hair will be back combed again, another feature that makes all the girls similar throughout the video and connects them as ‘the nightmare’.

Skull Make-Up

Corset Dress, colour schemed for Possessed Demon

Finally our exorcist, possessed demon character has been designated to wear a white corset to emphasize her character more, her make-up will allude to the exorcist but when we decided to keep to the idea of the ‘male gaze’ and ‘visual pleasures’ theories, we decided that our version of the exorcist/possessed character must be prettier and slightly more attractive in a way that the other characters will seem, when compared to pictures of the actual character within the exorcist. She will also wear a black mini skirt, or short shorts with fishnet tights and high heels. She has long white hair which will be back combed and fits her character perfectly. Her make-up will be like below, with the pink/pale eyes, however she will be covered in cuts that she has done to herself whilst possessed instead of the cracks shown in this photograph

Possessed Girl Make-Up

When it came to costuming our band, our mood board on our chosen band genre (shown below) really helped us. As most the pictures we found showed the bands mainly in black jeans, with black logo-ed t-shirts that were mainly other bands or a clothing brand they liked. They mostly had facial hair, piercings and tattoos. This is very specific, however we decided we wanted all the band members to wear casual clothes, mainly jeans and any band t-shirts they had. We also asked them to put in any studs/rings that they had and to put in any stretchers they had so they conformed with Carrion’s star image better. We asked them to wear less glamorous clothes to tie in with the idea that they were on a break from tour and their resources were exhausted.

Moodboard for music vid


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