Filming Schedule

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Filming Schedule

Filming Schedule

This was the trickiest and hardest part of our planning process and caused us the most stress, we even had to edit our video ideas and alter our star image a little, in order to be able to execute any filming in the first place. As our choice for a music video revolved around a band, we needed a group of people who all attended college and were free at the same time as we were, that could play a musical instrument. Luckily, friends of the group were on the Music Technology Course at college and were part of a college band. They were free the same times we were on a Tuesday, which we immediately planned the next Tuesdays in advance to film all shots with them in. However, there were only four of them, and our star imaged called for five. Our fifth choice, unfortunately studied A-levels and had lessons when we were free to film, our fifth girl, also studying A-levels wasn’t available for filming either, so we had to cut the pair out. This left us down a creature in the filming, so we had to cut out the spider personification (as it seemed the hardest to achieve), and re-plan the shots in a way that encompassed this, however we also had to change the band’s star image so that we only had one guitarist in the band. However, we felt that this change to the star image was good, because it changed the star image to one that differed from the original band. The cut to the shots listed though, ultimately shortened our storyboard and left us with time at the end, we’re hoping that when we edit, we can play about more with the live performance aspects to fill in the extra time gap due to the sequence we have eradicated. We eventually managed to plan it by location, based on the video narrative, we couldn’t really film when people were free since most of the shots were done together, with all eight people needing to be present, so we organized the filming schedule around locales. Tuesday the 13th of November will be the hotel filming in corridors and the room. Thursday the 15th will be the street scene filming and lastly all live performance sequences will be filmed on Tuesday the 27th of November ready for editing the following week. We will probably edit the existing footage in the week between filming in case a re-film is needed.


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