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Early in the conception of our video, we decided we wanted to have our location for our video in a hotel. At first we felt it would be easy to use college corridors and the T.V Studio to give the illusion of a hotel, but later on in the planning stage we decided that it really wasn’t going to look professional. So we looked at the nearest hotels around, and rented out a hotel room to film in for the 13th November at the Ramada Hotel. We split the money between us, so it only cost £5 and made provisions so we could get home after college if it took longer than we needed to film.

Ramada Hotel Wrexham

Within the official storyboard, there are only two street shots, but it still requires a street location. We decided that filming this within the city of Wrexham itself was a good idea, and we planned ahead and thought it’d be best to film this in the day time, and use the night effect in the editing suite so it appears night time in the video. We chose the inner city to film in because we wanted the shots to look raw, a little rough and edgy to fit in with the nightmarish feel we’re giving to the video.

Wrexham City Street

Finally for the live performance part of the video, we took inspiration from the original music video of the song.  This has the band members playing in a black back ground, giving it a sombre and mysterious feel. We thought it’d be a good addition if we smoked up the T.V studio with the smoke machine and used focused lighting to highlight the band in an added silhouette as they played to give the live performance part of the video a more spooky and dreamlike edge tying in with the narrative, it also seemed more professional and likely to look effective.

T.V Studio


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