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Due to the detail of our narrative so early on in the planning stage, we had to do two storyboards, one in which we could work out the shots and order them coherently, before doing a better, more improved version that was accurately timed, described and illustrated. Our rough draft was done in pencil, and only showed the picture of the shot we’d imagined. In the neater version, there was a shot description, a duration, and a place to add in edits to and from each shot. These were then scanned into the computer and saved so we had a hard copy and a digital copy to refer to in case anything went wrong.

An example of a part of our rough copy:

A Sheet From Our Rough Storyboard

Here is the much neater version we based our shot list on:

SB1 SB2 SB3 SB4 SB5 SB6 SB7 SB9 SB10 SB11


Here are our shot lists for Live Performance and the Narrative:

shot list band shot list close up 1 shot list close up 2 shotlist


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