Filmed Production Meetings For Evidence

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here are two of our many production meetings, the first is at the very beginning where we were starting to establish the base of our narrative. We had just presented to the class our PowerPoint presentation about our star image, track, band history etc.

We had a set list of aspects we had to discuss beforehand in order to properly develop our band. We created minutes that included what we considered:

  • Thoughts on Star Image
  • Suggestions for improvement from feedback
  • Target audience appeal

After our pitch the groups watching had to give us their honest feedback in order to further help us develop our ideas for our narrative within the video, the star image and the consistency of it all. These were what we were given as things to improve on:

  • Possible narrative ideas
  • More thought on promotion and branding
  • Could have challenged genre conventions rather than just follow them

After that feedback the actions we felt had to be made at the time were:

    • We are happy with half our video being narrative, and half being band performance, so to make no change
    • We have discussed promotion and branding, but forgot to include that on the power point, but to further research it for later discussion
    • We plan to stick to genre conventions, not to challenge them, unless we could think of clever ways to do this subtley later on in the process.

The second video that we recorded during a later production meeting, in which we planned the narrative aspect of our filming, due to take place on the following Tuesday – 27th November. We discussed props, costume, timing and other important points that were relevant for the afternoon of filming along with camera angles and a run through of the storyboard and shot list.


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