Shooting Diary Entry 11/12/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

With the shot-list planned and the group a little melancholy at the start, the shoot today went terrible. After meeting with Jean previously I found out that the hotel room we were to be booked into would be a lot smaller than the one we were able to use in the last shoot due to a Christmas boom in hotel bookings, those size rooms were the only rooms available to film. We also found out previously that the room was going to cost us full rate at £59.95 since last time the room wasn’t left to a good enough standard to be sold without re-servicing. Luckily enough through generosity of friends we were able to gather enough money to pay for the room and we began re-doing the motions we went through two weeks previous. The issue started when we got to the room. It was incredibly hard to film anything since there was barely enough space for the whole of the crew and the camera and tripod. On set we almost broke the tripod and had to fix it before we could carry on with the filming which slowed us down, and unbeknownst to me one of two of the boys had to leave at 4:10pm to catch the college buses, so the shot-list I had created hadn’t prepared for two of the boys leaving before five. Panicking we had to rush to tick off all the shots and film them in an hour, having to leave the other girls and one boy at 4:10pm to film the rest of the sequence that featured them in it. I felt that this narrative was an improvement on what we filmed in the Ramada and will get us a better grade, but it was nowhere near as perfect as the shoot we did that got erased. Everything in this shoot was rushed, including hair and make-up as the vampire only had one fang since she wasn’t prepared after the last shoot to need them again, and I just feel even worse over everything that’s happened. All we can say is that we tried our hardest with what we had, and luckily the teacher’s understood enough to give us a shooting and editing extension of a week in order to compensate.


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