Shooting Diary Entry 13/11/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

The shoot we planned today was at the Ramada hotel in Wrexham and it went disastrously, the staff at the Hotel, since the manager was apparently unavailable and on holiday, decided to cut our time filming short, and kick us out of the hotel room to clean it, ready for a sale that night. Thanks to this disadvantage our shots weren’t varied, there was no difference in angle and some parts of the narrative were missing, we know that for a fact. We shall review this footage in the editing suite on Thursday in our media lesson to look for pick-ups and try and reschedule an off location shooting in order to do that since nobody in our group wants to go back due to the awful customer service we had. The staff interrupted us on a fifteen minute basis after three o’clock and we only started filming at two. We were meant to film right through until five o’clock and were kicked out at twenty past four.


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