Shooting Diary Entry 15/11/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

We reviewed the footage in the editing suite today and it was worse than we thought. Some shots, mainly close up and corridor framing were done extremely well, however most of the action shots were filmed mid-shot level with no angle variation, the lighting was poor because we were so rushed we forgot light balance in our eagerness to at least finish the narrative in time, and we decided that it was near impossible to film the pick-ups without going back out on location. This posed a difficult issue; we had to find another hotel. After discussing the financial states of the group, since we’d already paid £5 each to film in the Ramada, we realized that it was going to cost us at least £30/£50 to rent another room out nearer college in the Wynnstay Arms. A hotel called the Lemon Tree said that they would have done it for free but the rooms were so small that eight people couldn’t fit in there and it would have been hard to fit a tripod and camera in there too. After managing to gather the right money £12.50 each at the max we re-organised everyone to shoot a week after the live performance filming which will be next Tuesday. It’s down heartening to have to film again, but it’s needed and we’re determined to do it right next time, get hair and make-up perfect, and book until 5:30/6:00 at night for filming so we’re not rushed. Later today I am visiting it to discuss this with the General Manager Jean, and see what arrangements we can make…

It was a success Jean has allowed us to stay late until about 6:00 at night in order to film and was quite excited about the prospect of telling her guests that a music video is being filmed in her hotel. She was much more understanding than the Ramada and I have a really good feeling about our next session filming the narrative sequence of our video.


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