Shooting Diary Entry 20/11/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today, although we suffered a let down from one of the previous cast members; we managed to solve it quite well. One of the boys in the band let us down today and told us he probably wouldn’t be available to film again with us. This was fine, since the narrative sequence with him in wasn’t going to be filmed again. Luckily a friend of ours, Bradley was talking to us earlier that morning and mentioned he was free Tuesday afternoons, which was coincidentally the time we filmed each week (the time any of us were available) and I’d asked him to come along anyway since I had a hunch that this boy would let us down. I was correct and we rang Bradley up and asked him if he could make the scheduled narrative re-film and the live performance we were doing that afternoon. He agreed. So with that we set up for filming the live performance section. We had an arranged shot list made up for the shoot that I wrote out and planned myself in preparation and we stuck to it. The idea was to film through the song three times whole, then repeat sections for individuals so we could get a part of each band member in the live performance aspect of the video. It went really well as we caught lots of different camera angels, and shot/framing variations to show our camera skills. We encountered another issue though, one of our actors who played the guitar in the band, wouldn’t move to the song whilst playing, he stood stationary whilst everybody else really went for it and gave it a good go. It was really disappointing but there was nothing we felt we could do about even though we encouraged and even shouted at him for it, he still wouldn’t do it, so we felt we’d have to just use cuts and hope that his lack of movement didn’t hinder video too much. We used the wheelie dolly for a pan section in case we needed it and took two different angles of filming for the song. After that session we felt really optimistic about the footage and were pleased with the outcome, hoping that our filming issues were dead and buried with the Ramada and our drop-out acting member.


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