Shooting Diary Entry 27/11/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is what the new location for our shoot looks like:


The shoot at the Wynnstay today was something I was starting to panic a little about. But I shouldn’t have, it went perfectly. I had to leave at four since I had a gig to go to, but again I pre-prepared a shot list and managed to re-arrange it since one of our band members had a dentist appointment at 2:40pm in town so he would be absent 2:20-3:20. It took a lot of problem solving and a phone call to Jean in order to ask if we could start shooting some of the lobby parts at 12:30pm instead of the 1:30pm we had originally asked for, but she was fantastic and granted us permission to do so. The shots went according to the shot-list and for once everybody seemed to be focused on task whilst filming. We had encountered difficulties and tensions in the group when filming in the Ramada because there was no proper shot list and some of the group were getting confused with which shots came next and how to position them in the room. Jean also, since the hotel was really dead, allowed us to take one of the biggest rooms in the hotel to film in so that we could have enough space to position a camera and make the location look more professional, she also gave it us for free if we managed to leave it looking good enough for her to re-sell. I don’t know what happened for the end quarter of the shoot since I wasn’t there, but I do know that all the corridor shots were filmed perfectly, with framing of the ‘creepy walk’ that worked so well in our very first shoot at the Ramada. Hair and make-up were re-done to a better standard since we were experienced in how to set out the bathroom so we could get ready and film. There were a couple of mirrors in the room as well, which fitted with the ‘notions of looking’ within Andrew Goodwin’s Music Video Theory. After I left, I stayed in contact with the group in case they needed to know anything about the shot-list/order/positioning of the camera, but it was fine and we left the room finally happy with the shots we’d got, making a detailed note to use mid-shots, close ups, high and low angles as well as negative spacial framing in the ‘creepy walk’. With Laura and Rhian behind the camera and me and Louise directing the shot-list I had created, the group discussed the shot and how to frame it practically in the hotel before doing it and this was what the majority of the filming was like.


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