Shooting Diary Entry 29/11/12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

When we went to import the footage from the television studio we found out it hadn’t been transferred from the HD cameras to the computer there in the morning and had been wiped by the next users of the camera. We had lost our whole narrative section and the next time we were free to film was a week after the deadline. We were devastated; it really came as a blow after everything we’d already gone through with the narrative. It was even worse since we’d informed the boys that we wouldn’t need them anymore and one of them had already made plans for the Tuesday after and wasn’t available. The second bout of bad news came when another of the boys informed us that he wasn’t able to film any more since it was causing issues between he and his girlfriend, leaving us one band member down, but he was already in the live performance and we didn’t have time to re-film this as well. After consulting my media teacher, Laura and I decided to try and re-work the narrative of the video so that it compensated for this loss. It was incredibly hard but we decided that if we could get a stand in for him at the beginning of the video, we could film it so that the drummer, the band member we didn’t have, argued with the rest of the band and called the ‘Nightmare’ girls to go after the guys as a punishment unbeknownst to them. Due to the lack of his character, we had to erase the whole sequence which included the grim reaper as well, cutting down the amount of narrative we actually had. We also had no time to film on our street location for our extra shots, and had to improvise by getting rid of the two shots we had on the streets, sacrificing them for the lack of time we had to film now. It was a stretch but we tried to make this fight as clear as possible in the video shot-list when I came up with it and shared it with the group. When we were happy with this shot-list I made as soon as I got home today because I was so worried about how we were going to make this work, we decided we were ready for our final re-film of the narrative. When it came to going to work later, however, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go in because I felt so down about losing the best footage we’d taken out of anything, even live performance so far.


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