Editing Diary 10/1/13

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

We came back to the footage again with clear heads today ready to try and make it work. We didn’t necessarily like it because it has turned out nothing like the way we imagined it to look, but we knew we had to make it work. We continued to slot live performance and narrative together, speeding up the timing of a couple of shots to make it more effective, like the flash shot of the girls at the end for instance and the slowing down of the lead singer as his lip syncing with the microphone doesn’t quite work in time. By the time we had finished this task it was the end of the lesson and we’d gotten a good two thirds of the video finished, not necessarily in chronological order. We are up to the transformation of the girls in the narrative, this is the last part we have to fit shots together in. Once we have finished this rough draft of the video, we’re screening it for feedback to our teacher and a select few pupils that meet our target audience. We felt by the time we left the session that we were at least glad that the rough first draft would be finished by the end of next lesson.


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