Editing Diary 11/1/13

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

This session we finally managed to finish the rough cut of the draft, Louise and Rhian had tried in a previous session to edit it the way we envisaged it as a group, however, it didn’t quite look right. We had difficulties with fitting the narrative ending we planned in with the footage we had. The flash of the girls at the end wasn’t shot properly and with the poor communication of people in our last shoot, we had to get the narrative shots done in a rush, this lead to a bad shot of the girls at the end. We tried to speed it up in order for it to flash up as it doesn’t have to be on screen that long. The only bit we could cut and make it look good was too short, so no matter what speed we had the flash up, it didn’t work because the audience couldn’t establish it was them. We took this out and had to use it as a cliff-hanger ending as the boys just waking up and the audience never find out that what they’re scared about, insinuating that the girls are there, but never showing them. It vaguely relates to the style of ending that we wanted as the ending is inconclusive and leaves the audience questioning the narrative about whether it happened or was simply a ‘Nightmare’. After this we had to decide what colour effects we wanted on the live performance, and how to fix the issue with white balance we had on filming. We realised when we first copied the footage over that we hadn’t fixed the white balance of the camera in a few of the introductory shots so we had to even this out in all the narrative shots so it looked acceptable and didn’t create issues with continuity. To do this we added a whiter, paler colour effect on the colour wheel and evened the image out before adding this same effect to all the ‘real’ events of the narrative, like the fight at the start and the waking up at the end to intensify the idea of a ‘Nightmare’ and give the video a sort of conclusion to leave the audience satisfied. We then added a green colour effect to the live performance to conform with the conventions of the genre and give the live performance an alternative nightmare world feel, yet the idea of keeping the locations separate distinguishes both worlds to create the gap and space between them in the product. The colour green we chose because it holds connotations of sickness, illness, death and of course grime/grunge basement locations which is associated with the genre of the music. After this we decided to call it a day and leave the effects to intensify the ‘Nightmare’ part of the video until next week.


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