Editing Diary 14/1/13

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

This was going into our extension, but we only needed today. What we did as a group was to add a grainy/noise type effect to the footage to create a noticeable intertextual link with old horror movies like Frankenstein and  Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. This noise effect was added to the whole video to give it all intertextuality but it worsens and skips when the girls transform to make it poignant to the audience that this is the part where the girls turn in to similar monsters featured in these early black and white movies. Again this is mirrored by the colour effect, hue and sharpness of the image in their transition as we made it monochrome green, with varying different pale greens (almost black and white to create stronger intertextuality with the connotations of the colour green) to enhance the importance of this half of the video. When we watched it through though, Me and Laura (who had time off for this afternoon to finish the editing) decided it still didn’t appear to convey the right amount of pandemonium at the end, and edited and cut sections out to give it a skippy, jumpy effect as if time itself, like when you remember a dream and your memory is skipping in places, which further portrayed the ‘Nightmare’ish aspect we were trying to show and mirrored the old movie reels used in silent films.


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