Editing Diary 18/12/12

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

This was the second editing session on the rough cut and ordering of the hotel narrative. We stumbled across something that we were a little disappointed about today as we found out that the ‘creepy’ walk that worked so well with framing and meaning in our video was filmed the wrong way after I left to get the bus so we can’t use it for continuity issues. Considering it’s a shot that really worked well in our deleted shoot, we were all annoyed about that, but there’s nothing we could do, and found there was another shot filmed, that was a shot of the same girl staring through the glass of the hotel double doors, this worked well framing wise, and we felt it would have to do as a stand in for our lost shot. We continued on with the narrative and managed to get all the rough cuts down in an intelligent order. We were pleased about this, if not anything else.


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