Editing Diary 8/1/13

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was our first attempt at cutting the video to the song and the live performance. It was messy. It took a lot of hard work just to get the introduction cut properly, and we had to change our initial idea. The narrative sequence we had planned for the 30 second song intro, was too long for the introduction so the shots had to be cut much shorter, but fitted together in a way that still made complete sense. We realised we still had to do this with the rest of the footage because the shots were far too long to fit with our genre of music. Our choice of music was also six minutes long, and we decided that due to this discovery we weren’t going to be able to use the footage we had planned in the way we had planned it. After consulting we decided that the first step was to cut the music down to a manageable size with regards to the footage we had. We took out most the instrumental, which meant we could no longer use the guitar solo sequence the way we wanted to, but some of the shots were definitely usable within the video as just close up’s of the guitar and the guitarists hands, which is a convention in our genre of music video. By the time we’d done all this it was a few minutes before the end of the lesson so we decided to leave it there and come back to it in tomorrow’s media session and pick it back up.


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