Ancillary Product Shoot Diary

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

alex Bradley1 Full Band Shot Karl3 tom2

Those were the pictures we managed to take. The shoot hasn’t gone to plan, the idea of the mug-shot wasn’t exactly feasible as I didn’t have the equipment to pull it off in a professional looking way, so the idea on my behalf is to now use the typeface, to hopefully to suggest the ‘mug-shot’ idea and subtly reference action/sci-fi movies and their villainous/bud guy convention of plot. As for the full band picture and the individual shots I feel they worked really well, and we decided that it would be easier in editing if we took the pictures and them edited them black and white to create the dark/monochrome feel of earlier digipaks of the genre and conform with a lot of contemporary and older band shoots that were published in black and white shown earlier in the rough drafts for the album advert and digipak blog. As I thought it was too troublesome to bring in the instruments for just a lunch time session in the photography studio, we didn’t use them. So I will see what could possibly work from our photographs to portray the ‘nightmare’ themes on the back cover when I’m actually creating it, I hope that there’s something there I can use. Personally I’m hoping to use the font and typeface to create that contrast seen in the influences for my digipak front cover in editing. We then asked Laura to convert the pictures to Black and White on Photoshop and all decided we wanted to use the idea of the dark almost monochrome grey palette for our digipak as it fitted with our research and genre conventions as well as suiting our intended star image of the older rock/metal star image merging with a more contemporary one.


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