Rough Drafts For Ancillary Products

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

For the front cover I have definitely decided I want the early rock/metal digipak designs to feature within mine, which includes a title which stands out in colour to the rest of the digipak design but I would like it in a contemporary typeface to suggest intertextuality with bands like Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Pantera, but to also give it a contemporary feel with the typeface and link the design to that of Suicide Silence, Slipknot and Bullet for my Valentine, for example. On the reverse to this however, I would want a reference to the action movie genre as well as the individual media attention for all members, as each of them have a mug shot-type profile, above their heads almost like the ‘wanted’ would be in a classical ‘wanted’ poster each holding a mug-shot piece of card with the height chart back ground. This idea of the ‘bad guy mug-shot’ seen in action movies conveys the band to fit with the ‘dark’ , ’outcast’ , ’misfit’ convention of the genre, ( as shown below in research as influence bands shown as biker’s and convicts) as well as sticking to the original idea of individualizing the band members publicity and references other genres of media products that may attract and endear the target audience  to the band more.

A7X bikerSlipknot convicts

To bring the band image back more to the classic rock/metal original style planned for Carrion I want an image of something unique to one of the band members for the inlay and back cover to highlight the individuality of the band members, drawing them publicity too, but to also highlight certain aspects of the rock/metal genre. A piece of clothing up close on one of the boys, maybe an insignia ring for the inlay as shown and a picture of one of the band members and their instrument for the back. This links to classical rock/metal genre because a lot of the time, hair, instruments, bandannas,  leather jackets, piercings, tattoos and studs were iconic to the genre and were made iconic due to their repetition in the genre early on. I want to conform to this idea of ‘iconic’ items within the rock/metal genre on the inlay. For the back cover, I wasn’t too sure what image I wanted exactly, but I knew what star image I wanted it to portray, I wanted it to have yet another different individual on the back that either related to the ‘nightmare’ quality of the promotional package, as that hasn’t featured yet in the digipak, or a band member photographed with an instrument to convey the closeness of the band and its creation of the music, which has featured as well in the video but not in the digipak. Either design that met these standards would be just as good, it just depends what is most economical on the day of the shoot because sometimes bringing in equipment like a bass guitar, or microphone can be troublesome, and there’s no way a full drum kit would be set up for our shoot as it just isn’t realistic in the time and space we have in the photography studio.

As for the album advert, I knew for a start I wanted to challenge the convention that the advert had the same picture on it as the front cover, yet I didn’t want to completely deviate from this as I wanted both ancillary products to be easily matched together. So, to come up with something satisfactory that also fitted with Carrion’s star image I decided to have all band members strike an individual pose, hopefully they’ll be able to work with the directions ‘arrogance and pride’ seen in the individual shots of band members I have posted below. Then my idea was to position them above or on both sides of the picture that was used in order to create something more visually interesting and diverse, as well as promoting further and in different ways Carrion’s star image of equality and individuality. These are my rough drafts:

photo photo (1)

Here is some of my research on band members individual posing:

Derek Ryan pose Ronnie 2

Bert pose Dan pose Jacky pose Johnny Matt pose

These include members from the inspirational bands such as Falling In Reverse, Avenged Sevenfold and The Used.


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