Analysis of Own Music Video Using Andrew Goodwin’s Theory

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Genre: The genre of the music is set up by the mise-en-scene and location. The clothing of the boys, their piercings and expanders as well as the hotel setting create the rock/metal genre through contextual references to the life of a band as well as conforming to the contemporary ‘ordinary casual wear’ most newer bands like Enter Shikari wear. There is also other band merchandise that the boys are wearing -part of the rock/metal fan fashion. The hotel setting also creates intertextuality with the horror genre, which is commonplace in the rock/metal music genre. The live performance has stronger connections to genre, as it includes all the musical instruments used in the making of the music, like near enough every music video of the rock/metal genre, and all the boys are wearing black. The lead singer is wearing an iconic accessory of the rock/metal genre, which is the aviator glasses, and the setting and use of a smoke machine holds an intertextual link with live gigs, pyrotechnics and the usual grungy basement/studios where underground rock/metal bands usually start out.

genre 1

star image 1


genre 2

Notions of Looking:  The notions of looking in this video are weak. There is only one shot that includes the idea of watching, where the Possessed Demon is seen staring through the hotel door window. This could be interpreted as representing the nightmarish idea of being watched and observed which fits in with the video’s narrative. There are also a lot of mid-shots in the video which could be interpreted as including the idea of voyeurism as it feels like the audience are present and watching the band members.

andrew goodwin 2 andrew goodwin

Sound & Vision: The main technique used in the video is amplification of the lyrics. However, it is used frequently. It starts with the image of the girls receiving the call from the disgruntled band member asking for revenge on his behalf, this is seen to the lyrics ‘hate to twist your mind’ which foreshadows their later purpose in the video. At first the narrative acts as a contradiction to the song, as the amplification is so small it doesn’t ruin the narrative for the audience, and leads them to wonder what the girls are doing appearing for the boys if the song is about a nightmare, and nightmarish situations. The amplification runs throughout the video, as the lyrics ‘an old acquaintance severed’ are heard we see the girls walking into the hotel, again foreshadowing the narrative, and as the girls are walking into the lobby, the lyrics ‘men like you have such an easy soul to steal’ are heard. When Bradley opens the door for them, the lyrics ‘pull the trigger’ are heard, insinuating that he doesn’t know what he has just unleashed. This continues as the girls walk out to ‘it hurts to know that you belong here’, communicating the bands guilt at losing a member. When the pan of the girls in their costume appears on screen, the lyrics ‘it’s your nightmare’ can be heard, and appears to kick off the events as the transformations then begin ‘now your nightmare comes to life’ being heard as the camera flicks back to the pan. As the first girl leads away a band member the lyrics ‘dancing with your demons’ can be heard, further implicating that the girls are not what they seem, this is extended in the second girls luring of the band members as the lyrics ‘where all that’s wrong is right’ can be heard, and finally this is continued as the last girl leads away the last band member in the room to the lyrics ‘so sedated as they medicate your brain’. This amplification of the lyrics stops as the hysteria of the narrative kicks in with the transformations, but comes back as the last boy has been targeted, ‘no one to call’ being heard as he runs, alone, away from his attacker, and the video ends with a direct illustration of the lyrics as a distorted ‘nightmare’ can be heard, the boys awake from sleeping only to be frightened, frightened of what though, is left to the audience.

sound and vision 1 sound and vision 2 sound and vision 3 sound and vision 4

Star Image: The star image in the video is clear as it represents the band breaking up and chaos ensuing due to the angry, resentful feelings boiling over. This presents the music industry and the stereotype of the genre, and uses star image to create a message about the consequences of treating band members unfairly, or creating a dispute between the group, tying in with Carrion’s star image of equality, unity and individuality.

Star Image 2

Intertextuality: The intertextuality featured in this video is very strong. Through the editing of the second half of the video, it is clear that the connection to old horror films is apparent. The use of the rounded frame edge within the narrative shot also creates intertextuality with silent movies and the film industry as a whole. The video also has more intertextuality with other music videos which can be seen through the live performance part of the video, where the location is a grungy basement/small studio. There is also intertextuality with live shows as the smoke holds intertextuality with the pyro-technics seen in most live shows. The setting within the narrative can be seen as an intertextual reference with the horror  movie genre, as lot of horror movies and literature is set in hotels, or  unfamiliar houses, for example ‘The Shinning’. The characters in the narrative that the girls transform into also represent a clear intertextuality with the contemporary horror genre and the genre throughout the ages as ‘monsters’ and ‘creatures’ are a main feature of it. 

intertextuality 3


intertextuality 2


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